The Genetics of Revenge

The orange light pulsed slowly, illuminating her “babies.” That is what she’d taken to calling them. After years of splicing and combining very specific genes she wanted into her offspring, the countless failures that had to be put down, and the painfully small successes she built upon, she finally had what she wanted. Her brood. She grinned – an action she was not used to.

Dahlia Moses smiled over her children, growing in their synthetic amniotic sacs floating in small vats filled with clear fluid that glowed orange from the pulsating heat lamps.

Soon, she thought. Soon I’ll release my babies into the world to right the wrongs done to me. All the abuse I’ve endured, my children would avenge.

She let the memories that fueled her rage and her research play in her mind.

She recalled the countless nights escaping her father’s incestuous drunken advances. The sexual assault from her first boyfriend that left her hospitalized and then recovering in the psychiatric ward long after her body had healed. Even after she’d overcome those horrors, the unwanted advances continued as she was accosted by her professors and scientists alike in the male-dominated world of genetics. The countless anonymous fondlings on the bus. The worst horror she recalled was the demoralizing rape in the darkened incubation lab late where she had been studying. She’d been sodomized, and before he knocked her unconscious and fled, the attacker whispered in her ear, “my genes are in you now”.

Her faced flushed, filled with hatred.

They never caught the rapist. Yet another indignity. That was the final straw for her, and she disappeared. She became Dahlia Moses and left the husk of her old name far behind her.

That was long ago, and she had come so far. She stood before her creations, waiting for vengeance. Men would finally experience the fears that women have for eons. They would never feel safe again. Their very manhood would be targeted and taken from them. And best of all, her babies could inflict the same atrocities on men that they had done to women, even after their male parts were removed. Dahlia’s creatures were created to have one driving and all-consuming need: to debase and emasculate human males to their cores, and to remove all that made them men. She’d made sure of that personally through an ingenious breakthrough in gene therapy. Using that same breakthrough, she’d coded her offspring to be vigilantly protective of female humans and incapable of harming them.

The gene therapy revelation wasn’t her most impressive accomplishment. Her real genius lay in transgenics, and her brood were the beneficiary of her exceptional talents.

Their bodies were based on cheetahs – lean and strong for the ultimate in speed and mobility. Early on, she had solved how to incorporate the lamprey eel’s DNA for a mouth designed for devastating damage when used. Their auger-like mouth minced any flesh they latched onto, a particular trait that Dahlia had in mind from the beginning of her quest to exact revenge on the male gender for each and every infraction against women. Infusing armadillo genes into the creatures for protective scales proved to be the biggest challenge and resulted in defects that required whole litters to be destroyed before she found success there. And almost as an afterthought, she introduced duck DNA for its prodigious penis length and corkscrew design which retracted for protection, and the results had been spectacular. She had used homeless men as her first test subjects for her babies, luring them to her lab with the promise of food and shelter. She marveled at her creatures’ brutality as their mouths ripped the wretched dicks and balls from them, grinding them to so much raw meat as the men screamed in agony and horror. The screams only served to excite her children, exacerbating their need inflict pain. Her mouth fell partially open, entranced, when she saw the looks of panic on the test subjects’ faces when they saw the elongated corkscrew penises grow to full length, knowing their fate. Oh, how they thrashed and struggled, but only for a few seconds before her abominations forcibly inserted their impossibly long members into them, brutal sodomies crushing their will. Each of the men were reduced to mental and physical puddles when her children were finished with them, much to her delight.

The coup de grace, though, was the merest touch of her DNA in them. This blessing, as she called it, gave them their innate hostility towards men and, much to her delight, had taken her personal rage towards males and amplified it tenfold. The babies were vicious in satiating their needs and relentless until the victims were completely incapacitated. The bloodbath her creations had left behind was gloriously gory, exceeding all of her hopes and expectations. She knew then that she had found the right combination of genes to grow a small army of her perfect genetic opus.

Dahlia instinctively knew that she needed to “birth” her creations, as a mother does. She set to cloning her own womb, all the better to bond herself to her babies. She had become adept at cloning through a decade of trial and error, so cloning an organ of herself was simple. Making clones of clones to simulate pregnancy was a bit more tricky, but once she understood the right mixture of fluid and warming lights that mimicked her body’s temperature and rhythms, the external pregnancies went without a hitch.

She strode to the nearest tank with a copy of her womb floating in its warm liquids. She reached in to caress the fruits of her labor, the manifestation of her skill and fury. At her touch, the child moved to feel her hand against its hardening skin. Not long until that skin became harder still and formed the protective scaled exoskeleton it was destined to have. The ugly brutish face was fully formed, a fierce nightmare in a sac. It was hellish, Dahlia knew, but exquisitely beautiful in its purpose.

The gestation period was coming to an end.

“Two weeks, my children,” Dahlia breathed. “Two weeks, until you are free, and men finally know the fear they have been inflicting on the women of the world.”

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